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Principle of Non-maleficence Violation: Case Study

Standard of Non-perniciousness Violation: Case Study Presentation Pakistan is a creating nation with 184 million populaces; larger part of individuals is living in country zones, where education rate is low. The weight of Chronic liver illness (CLD) is expanding step by step because of poor consistence to preventive measures. As indicated by Qureshi, Bile, Jooma, Alam and Afridi (2010) the weight of hepatitis B and C is expanding when all is said in done populace and it is as of now 7.6%. High commonness of hepatitis B and C will bring about expanded frequency of CLD. Personal satisfaction among CLD patients is extremely poor and the main choice for them is liver transplantation. Dissimilar to liver transplantation renal transplantation began right off the bat in 1985, at present office is accessible both out in the open and private medical clinic the nation over. On other hand not many liver transplantation were acted in the nation in spite of the way that consistently 10,000 individuals pass on due to CLD (Ali, Qureshi, Jilani, Zehra 2013). The l iver transplant venture was started in 2011 at Pakistan Institute of Medical sciences under unique guidance from PM of Pakistan. The reason for this undertaking was to give liver transplant office in the nation on moderate expense. Situation 32 years of age male having three kids determined to have CLD, was worked liver transplantation in open part medical clinic. The liver was taken from live contributor 28 years of age spouse of the patient. On third post operation day the patient beginning serious seeping with tachycardia and hypotension. Persistent become oblivious and was hurried to activity room (OR). In the interim patient slammed and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) began. Following 6 hours of CPR quiet heart action was continued, yet at the same time seeping from channel and body holes. Tolerant was on high inotropic backing and consecutive transfusion of blood and blood item to keep up hemoglobin and platelet of patient. Later on tolerant terminated and his better half stay in medical clinic till her recuperation Analysis of moral issue The strategy was performed without enough assets and guideline of non-perniciousness was abused. The clinic the board and transplant group were liable for the negligence. They guaranteed the patient and his family that the medical clinic has cutting age innovation, master human asset and extraordinary material asset similar with other development liver transplant place in the created nations. Be that as it may, actually the circumstance was more terrible with no preparation of human services staff, three slept with emergency unit without confinement, and little activity theater with poor disease control measures. Absence of standard lab without computerization builds the disasters of liver transplant community. In short these offices were not adequate for such development level medical procedure which chances the life of giver too beneficiary. These prompts carelessness and negligence on part of emergency clinic the board and liver transplant group which emerge the inquiry at the top of the priority list that â€Å"Is this moral to perform liver transplant in constrained human also material resources.†? The moral guideline of equity non-wrathfulness and temperance of veracity are abused. In addition, the demonstration of medical clinic the board and transplant group were against the hypothesis of deontology. As indicated by news in media at first a reminder was marked between the medical clinic and Royal Free Hospital, London yet later on after investigation of framework and human asset they would not perform such entangled method in this office (Wasif, 2012). In spite of the fact that legislature gave 200 million PKR to manufacture cutting edge office in capital city of Pakistan however these gigantic sums were squandered and brilliant chance of liver transplant in open division medical clinic was abused. Moral rule disregarded in dynamic to perform liver transplant My relational word is that without satisfactory ability and material just as human asset performing such multifaceted medical procedure isn't legitimate and contrary to the moral standards. While playing out their obligations human services experts must hold fast to moral guideline and rules. Any penetrate or infringement of these standards may prompt misbehavior and carelessness. The patient trust on social insurance experts and accept that they will apply their insight and abilities to give advantage to tolerant. So also, as indicated by Hippocratic promise human services experts will go without their self from hurtful and devilish act (Markel, 2004). Commitment of non-perniciousness incorporate to maintain a strategic distance from hurt as well as not to force danger of mischief (Beauchamp and Childress, 2001). In the above circumstance the medicinal services laborers need legitimate preparing, abilities and material assets to perform such refined methodology. Also the expert norms were abused which decide due consideration in such circumstance and danger of damage was exacted on persistent. The emergency clinic the board and liver transplant group act carelessly and hurt the patient, his family and uniquely his significant other. Emergency clinic the executives and transplant group position The medicinal services group position was to augment the advantage and satisfaction to the general public. They bolster their position utilizing act utilitarianism for the more noteworthy joy of more noteworthy number of individuals. As indicated by act-utilitarianism an activity is correct in the event that it produces results like some other activity accessible to the operator (horse shelters, 1971). The medical clinic the executives and transplant group contended that patient was known instance of CLD with inconvenience and no other option, So as per act-utilitarianism our activity is legitimized and if effective this inside will give care to thousands CLD patients sitting tight for wonder in the nation. Our expectation was acceptable and as per Islamic guideline of morals activities are decided by goal. One of the expression of Prophet Muhammad harmony arrive â€Å"the prize of deeds relies on the expectations and each individual will get the compensation as per what he has inte nded.† (Bukhari: 1). Support of my position utilizing deontology To legitimize my position, I will allude to celebrated thinker Emanuel Kant and his hypothesis of deontology. I According to Emanuel Kant activity are not supported on premise of results, rather they ought to be judged freely of its result (Beauchamp and Childress, 2001). On the off chance that we judge the activity of medical clinic the board and liver transplant group freely of its result we came to result that activity was performed without enough proof which hurt the patient and against the fundamental guideline of morals. As indicated by Nathaniel and Burkhardt (2008) deontology stresses that individual must satisfy their commitment and in the above situation the commitment to do no damage and give usefulness was abused. Besides one rule of Islamic morals is conviction which mean proof based practice (Mustafa, 2013); this guideline of sureness was damaged as performing liver transplantation without standard human and material asset, which is against the proof base practice. Results of Acting on my Position In the event that the emergency clinic the board began this task after proper preparing for various experts alongside great foundation furnished with present day gear and as indicated by worldwide gauges, at that point the outcomes will be distinctive for quiet me and other staff. The patient life could be spared and new patients will be enlisted for transplantation. The other staff will stay in the inside giving consideration to liver transplant patients. I myself will be there dealing with quiet and contributing towards the advancement of network and enormous cash will be used in suitable spot as per the need of open. Proposal On premise of above situation and investigation, I am going to advance a few recommendations to partners. As a matter of first importance such advanced undertaking must be plan and every single step ought to be taken by plan. The second is recruiting of appropriate and skilled expert; these experts incorporate specialists, medical caretakers, professionals, lab, and radiology staff. Preparing for these experts ought to be organized in driving liver transplant focus of the world. The third is that all the units including ICU, OR, research center, radiology and drug store ought to be under one rooftop ideally in independent structure and outfitted with contemporary instruments. Additionally these units ought to be associated with one another through PC and web.

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The Biography of Francisco Morazan

The Biography of Francisco Morazan Jose Francisco Morazan Quezada (1792-1842) was a lawmaker and general who governed portions of Central America at various occasions during the violent period from 1827 to 1842. He was a solid head and visionary who endeavored to join the diverse Central American nations into one huge country. His liberal, hostile to administrative legislative issues made him some amazing foes, and his time of rule was set apart by severe infighting among dissidents and preservationists. Early Life Morazan was conceived in Tegucigalpaâ in present-day Honduras in 1792, during the melting away long stretches of Spanish pioneer rule. The was the child of a high society Creole family and entered the military at a youthful age. He before long separated himself for his courage and mystique. He was tall for his time, about 5â feet 10 inches, and savvy, and his characteristic administration abilities handily pulled in adherents. He got associated with neighborhood legislative issues early, enrolling as a volunteer to contradict Mexico’s addition of Central America in 1821. A United Central America Mexico endured some serious interior changes in the primary long stretches of autonomy, and in 1823 Central America had the option to split away. The choice was made to bring together all of Central America as one country, with the capital in Guatemala City. It was comprised of five states: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In 1824, liberal Jose Manuel Arce was chosen president, however he before long exchanged sides and upheld the traditionalist standards of a solid focal government with firm connections to the congregation. At War The ideological clash among dissidents and preservationists had for some time been stewing lastly bubbled over when Arce sent soldiers to insubordinate Honduras. Morazan drove the safeguard in Honduras, yet he was vanquished and caught. He got away and was placed him responsible for a little armed force in Nicaragua. The military walked on Honduras and caught it at the amazing Battle of La Trinidad on Nov. 11, 1827. Morazan was presently the liberal chief with the most prominent in Central America, and in 1830 he was chosen for fill in as leader of the Federal Republic of Central America. Morazan in Power Morazan established liberal changes in the new Federal Republic of Central America, including opportunity of the press, discourse, and religion. He constrained church power by making marriage mainstream and abrogating government-helped tithing. In the end, he had to remove numerous pastors from the nation. This progressivism made him the intractable foe of the traditionalists, who wanted to keep the old provincial force structures, including close ties among chapel and state. He moved the cash-flow to San Salvador, El Salvador, in 1834 and was reappointed in 1835. At War Again Preservationists would every so often wage war in various pieces of the country, yet Morazan’s hold on power was firm until late 1837 when Rafael Carrera drove an uprising in eastern Guatemala. An unskilled pig rancher, Carrera was by the by an astute, alluring pioneer and persistent enemy. In contrast to past traditionalists, he had the option to energize the for the most part detached Guatemalan Native Americans to his side, and his crowd of unpredictable troopers outfitted with blades, flintlock black powder guns, and clubs demonstrated hard for Morazan to put down. Thrashing and Collapse of the Republic As updates on the accomplishments of Carrera came to them, traditionalists all over Central America cheered up and concluded that all was good and well to strike against Morazan. Morazan was a talented field general, and he vanquished an a lot bigger power at the skirmish of San Pedro Perulapan in 1839. By at that point, notwithstanding, the republic had irreversibly cracked, and Morazan just viably managed El Salvador, Costa Rica and a couple of secluded pockets of faithful subjects. Nicaragua was the first to formally withdraw from the association, on Nov. 5, 1838. Honduras and Costa Rica immediately followed. Outcast in Colombia Morazan was a talented officer, however his military was contracting while that of the traditionalists was developing, and in 1840 came the inescapable outcome: Carrera’s powers at last vanquished Morazan, who had to go into banish in Colombia. While there, he composed an open letter to the individuals of Central America where he clarified why the republic was crushed and regrets that Carrera and the traditionalists never attempted to truly comprehend his motivation. Costa Rica In 1842 he was baited out of outcast by Costa Rican Gen. Vicente Villasenor, who was driving a rebel against moderate Costa Rican despot Braulio Carrillo and had him on the ropes. Morazan joined Villasenor, and together they completed the activity of removing Carrillo: Morazan was named president. He expected to utilize Costa Rica as the focal point of another Central American republic. Be that as it may, the Costa Ricans turned on him, and he and Villasenor were executed on Sept. 15, 1842. His last words were to his companion Villasenor: â€Å"Dear companion, family will do us justice.† Inheritance of Francisco Morazan Morazan was right: Posterity has been benevolent to him and his dear companion Villasenor. Morazan is today observed as a visionary, dynamic pioneer and capable authority who battled to keep Central America together. In this, he is kind of the Central American adaptation of Simon Bolã ­var, and there is all around in like manner between the two men. Since 1840, Central America has been cracked, isolated into little, feeble countries helpless against wars, misuse, and autocracies. The disappointment of the republic to last was a characterizing point in Central American history. Had it remained joined together, the Republic of Central America likely could be a considerable country, on a monetary and political standard with, state, Colombia or Ecuador. All things considered, be that as it may, it is a locale of minimal world significance whose history is frequently unfortunate. The fantasy isn't dead, in any case. Endeavors were made in 1852, 1886 and 1921 to join the locale, albeit these endeavors fizzled. Morazans name is conjured whenever there is discussion of reunification. Morazan is respected in Honduras and El Salvador, where there are areas named after him, just as any number of parks, avenues, schools, and organizations.

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Oppenheimer And The Atomic Bomb Essay Example For Students

Oppenheimer And The Atomic Bomb Essay Julius Robert Oppenheimer And The Atomic Bomb Essay J. Robert Oppenheimer was a splendid physicist and known as the Father of the Atomic Bomb. A magnetic pioneer of uncommon great characteristics and ordinary imperfections, Oppenheimer carried an exceptional reasonableness to research, educating, and government science. After assistance making the nuclear bomb with the Manhattan Project he was restricted from the U.S. Government during the McCarthy Trials. He restricted amassing atomic weapons and was esteemed a security chance. Oppenheimers life uncovers the contention between war, science and how legislative issues crashed during the 1940s through the 1960s. His case turned into a reason celebre in the realm of science as a result of its suggestions concerning political and moral issues identifying with the job of researchers in government. Oppenheimer, the child of German migrants, who had made their fortune in materials, had the assets accessible in his family to assist his training at a youthful age. At age ten Oppenheimers granddad presented to him a few rocks to recognize and thus Oppenheimer turned out to be keen on geography. This drove him to examine different sciences at a youthful age. By age six he had the jargon of a grown-up. He could talk well and comprehended the implications of the words and where they originated from. He exceeded expectations in arithmetic and was figuring numbers at a secondary school rate while in the subsequent evaluation. Individuals alluded to him as a kid virtuoso. Oppenheimer was from a Jewish family who didn't have faith in the Orthodox manners. They had no sanctuary connection, yet attended the Felix Alder Ethical School during grade school until secondary school. This school formed huge numbers of Oppenheimers thoughts with respect to profound quality and political perspectives that would later influence his life. He learned at Harvard and was acceptable in the works of art, for example, Latin, Greek, science and Physics. He had distributed works in verse and considered Oriental way of thinking. He graduated in 1925, it took him just three years, and went to England to do look into at Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. He didnt like it there and left toward the finish of 1925. A man named Max Born requested that he go to Gottingen University where he met noticeable European physicists. Oppenheimer contemplated quantum mechanics in Europe during the 1920s. He gained from Ernest Rutherford, one of the pioneers of nuclear hypothesis; and from Werner Heisenberg and Paul Dirac, pioneers of quantum mechanics. He got his doctorate in material science while in Europe. He and Max Born built up the Born-Oppenheimer Method. The Born-Oppenheimer Approximation expresses that since atomic movement is much more slow than electron movement the electronic wavefunction, or energies, can be determined accepting a fixed situation of the cores and atomic movement can be viewed as expecting and normal dispersion of electron thickness. On coming back to the US, Oppenheimer sought after his investigation of Diracs hypothesis of the electron proposing the presence of an enemy of electron (equivalent in control yet emphatically, not adversely, charged) a positron, first observed via Carl Anderson in 1932. During the 1930s, Oppenheimer held situations at both the University of California, Berkeley and at the California Institute of Technology, empowering him to assemble a group of profoundly gifted, youthful hypothetical physicists. Berkley was known as the focal point of American Quantum Physicists at that point, in light of Oppenheimers work. In 1939 he brought quantum mechanics into space science, recommending that the biggest stars could fall into dark gaps from which not by any means light could get away. In the mid twenties new logical hypothesis about the nuclear structures was being found. He took a shot at quantum hypothesis and prepared a whole age of United States conceived physicists. Tattoos Essay His technique for instructing was extremely troublesome and most understudies bombed his classes, however they despite everything took them and in the end passed them. He got intrigued with legislative issues during the ascent of Nazism in Germany in 1936, and he was additionally worried over the Great Depression in the U.S. He favored Spain in their common war and became companions with numerous socialists thus. His sibling, Frank strangely was a socialist. Oppenheimer sorted out enemy of Fascist associations and was a known socialist, yet didnt formally join the socialist party. Do to Stalins impact .

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Writing an Obstacle Essay Topic

Writing an Obstacle Essay TopicWhen I teach high school, I like to use obstacle essay topics that have to do with first world problems, and are interesting. The fact is that some of the topics that I include in my various classes are interesting, but they tend to bore students. It is this reason that I enjoy writing the topics.One of my favorite is a health science or technology. All too often, in my classes, I am asked to give the student a topic on a very important topic, and in fact a very good topic. But it is something that has to be forced into the class, and it is no fun to do so.This has been a problem that I have had for years when teaching health science and technology, and it has been a problem that I keep having in other classes as well. However, today, I have found an easy solution to this problem. In this article, I will explain how you can force yourself to write about one of your favorite topics, and also teach yourself how to do it. It is an easy solution to a very d ifficult problem.The first thing that you must do is find out what good test study tools you can use for this purpose. In order to do this, you will need to understand what it means to 'test well' and the different ways that you can do that.The first thing that you should do is to figure out which obstacle essay topics you like best, and write about them. This may sound simple but is not so easy to do if you have never done this before. Many people tend to make mistakes and this will happen to you if you do not force yourself to do it.Another good way that you can do this is to write a short outline that contains the obstacles that you want to address in your essay. Then when you start writing, you can keep coming back to this outline and see how it has changed from one week to the next.The good thing about this is that once you start writing, you will not stop. You will continue to write for several weeks, and it will get much easier to do. It will be like you are writing a novel.

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Essay about Analysis of Two Advertisements - 1126 Words

Analysis of Two Advertisements One of the massive international industries in the world is advertising. The money that it makes is inestimable because it successfully sells, and attains most the aims of their business. It promotes ideas and products to people using the media. A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the huge number of ads that bombard them everyday. It saturates every media around to meet its target. Adverts now appear not only on television; they also appear on radio, billboards, Internet, cell phones and numerous other ways. It can be argued that they have a profound effect on people’s appearance and our society. Advertising in my view is a competitive industry. Advertisers are†¦show more content†¦The industry creates and reinforces stereotypes of what it means to be a man and a woman. This would then create great confusion to both genders of how a person’s image should be. For example, advertisers have made men, as mentioned before, obsessed with their performance and women obsessed with their appearance. The first advert I have chosen is targeted to a female audience. The feature of this particular advert shows a young woman staring back at the audience, smiling. It is a really close picture to her face, her hair neatly tied back, and her eyes have a slight glow. Her lips have a slight shine and her skin is perfectly clear. This instantly indicates that the model of this advertisement takes care of her looks and appearance. It is inviting the target audience, as if calling you in to a completely perfect world. Already, we can tell advertisers are concentrating on physical appearance and presenting the product as a cure for unattractiveness. This advert is trying to sell ‘Maybeline Fresh Matte Foundation.’ Beside the model is a clear picture of the product. It is big enough and is well laid out across the page to be seen from distance. Effective colours have been used in the background to make this advert eye-catching; the background is baby blue and white. The writing is all written in navy. A lot of quotations have been used as well to get more attention from theShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of Two Advertisements Essay773 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Two Advertisements I will be analysing two advertisements, stating how effective they are likely to be in achieving their purpose and in selling as a cruise holiday. In my analysis I will include a list of persuasive techniques used in these advertisements. Undoubtedly, the purpose of an advertisement is a strong appeal to the readers. The purpose of the first advertisement; Ciudadela, Menorca, is to persuade the audience to try this holiday. It strongly Read MoreEssay on Analysis of Two Advertisements753 Words   |  4 PagesI will be analyzing two advertisements, stating how effective they are likely to be in achieving their purpose and in selling a renter’s paradise. In my analysis I will include a list of persuasive techniques used in these advertisements. Undoubtedly, the purpose of an advertisement is a strong appeal to the readers. The purpose of the first advertisement; The Grove, apartments is to persuade the audience to experience the pleasurable and joys of living. It strongly reinforces the views through theRead MoreAn Analysis of Two Advertisements Essay2548 Words   |  11 PagesAn Analysis of Two Advertisements I am going to analyse two adverts and discuss which one is more effective. The first advert that I am going to study is marketing New Synergie lift by Garnier. The second is promoting the product Total turnaround by Clinique. Both adverts were obtained from Marie Claire- a magazine intended for women aged between twenty and thirty. This suggests that the target audience for these two particular adverts is women, who are possiblyRead MoreAnalysis of Two Advertisements of Beauty Product Essay1102 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of Two Advertisements of Beauty Products I have analyzed two advertisements, which are both promoting beauty products. The first advertisement I have chosen is Boujour Paris Talon Aiguilles Mascara which was found in the heat magazine and it is aiming at young female adults. The second advertisement I have chosen is Prescriptive Foundation which in contrast to the first advertisement is aimed at an elder audience. In addition this advertisement was foundRead MoreThis Rhetorical Analysis Will Be Focusing On Two Advertisements.824 Words   |  4 Pages This rhetorical analysis will be focusing on two advertisements. The first is â€Å"Top Gear: Ice-Cream† by the agency Selmore and the second is â€Å"the back seat slingshot ad†, for which I do not know it’s real title, by the agency Clement BBDO. The first advertisement depicts the importance of seat belts by using an analogy between children and ice cream. In this ad, an adult, presumably a man, is driving on a nice day with a splattered pink ice cream cone on the windshield. The first thing the audiencesRead MoreEssay Analysis Of Advertisements For Two Different Things1235 Words   |  5 Pages Analysis of Advertisements for Two Different Things nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In order for advertisements to succesfully portray a product, they must be directed to the appropriate intended audience. Magazines, in general, are usually geared towards a specific audience with distinct interests. Therefore, the `ads need to be carefully designed to attract the attentions of the magazine reader. This very concept is well displayed in the two selected, yet very different, magazine ads from theRead MoreEssay about Analysis of Two Print Advertisements873 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Two Print Advertisements For this piece of coursework I will be looking at two different adverts made by the same company, Muller, and finding the techniques that are used and what the effect of these methods are on the reader. The first advert is for Muller light mousse. It has a picture of a large mousse pot in the foreground, which has been manipulated to make the viewer’s eyes believe that it is the end of a bath tub, and in the bath tub is a youngRead MoreAnalysis of Two Advertisements From Magazines Essay1280 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of Two Advertisements From Magazines I have chosen adverts that are both aimed at teenagers, as this is the biggest market, and the one companies make most money from. As I am a teenager I can identify with the target audience and therefore decide whether the adverts successfully target their audiences. The two adverts I choose to analyse were very different; although they were both aimed at the same target audience, they used different persuasive techniquesRead MoreResearch Paper: Content Analysis of Nine Creative Concepts Found in Magazine Advertisements.1392 Words   |  6 Pages1 MAIN ISSUE This research is a quantitative, cross-sectional, exploratory and descriptive content analysis of selected advertisements from two different magazines published in August 2012 using the nine different creative concepts as main emphasis. 2 RESEARCH CRITERIA The main research problem deals with the use of creative concepts in advertisements which is a mass media issue and therefore contributes to the existing knowledge in communication studies. The issue is also of interestRead MoreResearch Paper: Content Analysis of Nine Creative Concepts Found in Magazine Advertisements.1386 Words   |  6 Pages1 MAIN ISSUE This research is a quantitative, cross-sectional, exploratory and descriptive content analysis of selected advertisements from two different magazines published in August 2012 using the nine different creative concepts as main emphasis. 2 RESEARCH CRITERIA The main research problem deals with the use of creative concepts in advertisements which is a mass media issue and therefore contributes to the existing knowledge in communication studies. The issue is also of interest to

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Competitive Strategy for E-Bay Incorporation- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theCompetitive Strategy for E-Bay Incorporation. Answer: Analysis of eBay E-Bay incorporation is an international electronic commerce organisation, facilitating online sales between consumers and businesses. The company was started in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. The organisation provides the facility of online auction and shopping of wide variety of products. The company had revenue of US$8.97 billion in 2016 financial year. The purpose of selecting eBay is that the organisation changed the method of online trading, by taking a risky step of using innovative technology. This decision of company helps them in gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors (Simonsohn 2010). E-Bays Business Model According to Zott Amit (2010), eBay has adopted a unique strategy that helps them achieve success in electronic commerce market. E-Bay is originally an auction site that assists customers in selling their products to other customers. The unique business perspective help organisation in increasing their customer base and increasing customer satisfaction. The company provides a new form of trading which is not provided by other online retailers such as Amazon or Wal-Mart. The company features online auction where interested customers can bid their prices on a product and the largest bidder gets the product. The website structure is simple and easy to understand. The organisations unique business model helps them gain a competitive advantage because the customer base is not restricted by geographic boundaries. Companys Strategy The research of Chen, Liu Yu (2012) provides that eBays strategy is to provide high-quality services to its customers, to maintain their satisfaction and deliver products at cost-effective prices that help them gain an advantage over its competitors. Following are the key elements in their strategy: The company provides a customer-to-customer trading option in the online retail market. Customers can buy new products from different companies or auction their stuff on the website. Other customers can bid their price and the product is sold to the highest bidder. It is a unique approach adopted by the company. The worth of product enhanced due to this technique which is satisfying for both the parties. Other online retails such as Amazon, have high inventory storage cost, but eBay has competitive benefit since the company does not store their products in the warehouse. The company has more than 171 million active members in the second part of 2017 and it has a net worth of US$9.4 billion. The organisation has used various strategies to increase their market value in the online retail industry. The competitive advantage of the company includes the transparency of transaction in the C2C model where no details are hidden. The company provides high-level of security in their transactions as well. These features help the company in sustaining their growth in the future. CAGE structure The organisation has implemented innovative technology within their business processes and enhanced their business globally. The paper of Ofili (2016) discussed that, the online nature and no inventory storage requirements help the company in increasing their business worldwide. The company provide key information to interested customers and help them organise their trade. The website uses make online payments due to their trust in the organisation. It helps the company in establishing a competitive advantage. Analysis of Atlassian Atlassian was founded in 2002 and it is an Australian software company. The firm operates in the software industry and prepares group collaboration tools for companies. The clients of the company include Facebook, Visa, and BMW along with other forty thousand corporations. The revenue earned by the company in the first quarter of 2017 was AU$619.9 million. The company has increased their worth to US$5 billion in past 12 years. The purpose of choosing Atlassian for this report is that company has raised their client to forty thousand without any sales force. The companys spending on sales and marketing are below 21 percent of their revenue. Atlassian did not take any funding from outside investors for business operations. Companys Strategy According to Carlson (2017), Atlassian aim is to provide great quality software programs at a lower price, compared to its competitors. The company develops programs for organisational teams to chat and collaborate on different projects. The popular programs of Atlassian include JIRA, Confluence, and Bamboo. To increase their market share, Atlassian acquires various other software companies. Their recent acquisition was a group collaboration program called Trello. Atlassians main objective is to provide great product satisfaction to their clients. The organisation keeps their programs charges low for their customers. Asay (2014) called Atlassian strategy to be upside down because it did not spend on sales team or marketing their products, and they did not take funding from investors. Instead of focusing on satisfying their outside investors, the company focuses on their consumers software requirements, and they maintain a high rate of client satisfaction. This unique approach creates a competitive advantage because the money saved on sale and marketing are spent on product enhancement by Atlassian. The company has sustained their future growth by adopting this upside down policy. Atlassian Business Model The business model of the company emphasises on providing great quality programs at comparatively lower charges. According to Bass (2016), the absence of sales force is an example of the innovative approach. Below are the key parts of Atlassian business model: Creating a great product based on clients necessities Charges of product should be lower than competitors Concentration on enhancing the daily users for applications Ease of availability of programs at the website of the company Maintaining easy trial options and transparency in charges The business model of Atlassian shows innovation and new approach of the company. The high rate of clients satisfaction and no outside investors pressure, sustain the growth of the company. CAGE structure To enhance their market share, Atlassian required increasing business in outside countries such as Ireland, China, and Singapore. Atlassian can enhance their clients by investing in the software companies of Singapore. The organisation should evaluate their cultural, administrative, geographic and economic factors before investing in outside markets. According to Reodique (2016), Atlassian can benefit from the rapid growth of Singapores software industry. References Asay, M. (2014). Atlassians upside-down business strategy: Could it work for you?. TechRepublic. Retrieved from Bass, D. (2016). This $5 Billion Software Company Has No Sales Staff. Bloomberg. Retrieved from Carlson, R. M. (2017). Atlassian: Analysis and strategic recommendation. Chen, K. P., Liu, Y. S., Yu, Y. T. (2012). The Seller's listing strategy in online auctions: evidence from eBay. Ofili, O. U. (2016). Internationalization: Choosing The Right Entry Mode: Lessons From Ebays Strategy In China.European Scientific Journal, ESJ,12(1). Reodique, A. M. (2016). Singapores analytics software market to grow 8.6 percent CAGR over the next 3 years. MIS-Asia. Retrieved from Simonsohn, U. (2010). eBay's crowded evenings: Competition neglect in market entry decisions.Management science,56(7), 1060-1073. Zott, C., Amit, R. (2010). Business model design: an activity system perspective.Long range planning,43(2), 216-226.

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How To Start A WordPress Travel Blog in 2019 (and Make Money)

Smitten by wanderlust? Want to see the world? Why not start a travel blog to share your experiences with others?Beyond it just plain being fun to write about your adventures, creating a travel blog  might even be able to help you make enough money to fund even more fun adventures.In this post, well give you a step-by-step tutorial for everything you need to do to start a travel blog. Beyond your awesome writing and pictures, these are the 5 things youll need to build your travel blog.Web hosting this is the engine that will power your travel blog and make it available to visitors around the world.Domain name your blogs permanent address. For example, ours is free WordPress software we highly recommend you use  self-hosted WordPress, located at This is different than WordPress theme once you install WordPress, your theme controls how your travel blog looks.WordPress plugins plugins help you add functionality to your site withou t requiring any technical knowledge. Youll use them to add maps of where youve traveled, travel galleries, and more.Once we show you how to get those basics set up, well also share some tips for how you can create content, promote it, and maybe even make money from your blog.How to start a travel blog: step-by-stepHeres your step-by-step guide to start a travel blog:Step 1: Pick a nicheTheres a wide choice of travel blog niches to pick from specific country or area, backpacking, targeted audiences, luxury travel, traveling with kids or pets, and more.  Your chances of building a high traffic blog improve if you keep your focus on a few specific areas.Go with the one youre most passionate about because youre in this for the long haul!Step 2: Select a domain nameYour domain name should be simple and easy to remember.Using a brand name in the domain may not be an option for you when youre just starting off. So, you should do the next best thing, select a name which you can build int o a brand. Something thats short, easy to recall, and maybe a bit quirky. Keyword-based names are good too, though youll find that most are already taken up.You could even use your own name if youre going to maintain a highly personal style throughout your blog. Or, you can use part of your name in a brand e.g. have some general tips for how to choose a domain name. And if youre really stuck, you can try using a blog name generator to come up with some ideas.Step 3: Purchase WordPress hosting and install WordPressYour hosting is important because it ensures your site loads quickly and is always available to your visitors. There are a ton of quality  WordPress hosting services, but a good starting point is SiteGround.In addition to always scoring well in our annual WordPress hosting survey, SiteGround:Is affordableGives you a setup wizard that installs WordPress for youMakes it easy purchase your domain nameHas awesome support if you ever need helpYou can choose the cheapest  StartUp plan to get started. Then, you just need to follow the simple signup process.Once you sign up, SiteGround will configure your domain name and install WordPress for youwhich means you officially have a working travel blog!Step 4: Choose a travel blog themeYour blogs  theme determines how it looks. Luckily, youll find a number of free and premium themes, many designed specifically for travel blogs.When you pick an existing travel blog theme, youll instantly get set up with a great-looking travel blog. To help you find such a theme, you can check out lists of the:Best free travel themesBest premium travel themesBeyond those lists, here are three specific options to get you started:Travel BlogThe TripSoledadFor example, the Soledad theme has:A travel template32 pre-made featured slider stylesStylish image galleries with lightboxPinterest and Twitter slider widgetAll these built-in features make it super simple to start a travel blog.To install your chosen them e, visit your WordPress dashboard and click  Appearance → Themes → Add New.Step 5: Install helpful plugins for travel blogsWordPress plugins help you add new functionality to your travel blog  without requiring any technical knowledge on your part. Theyre one of the things that makes WordPress so awesome. And pretty much every WordPress site makes good use of plugins.There are some must-have plugins for  all  sites, including travel blogs:SEO pluginsCaching pluginsSocial share button pluginsSecurity pluginsContact form pluginsBeyond those must-haves, youll also want some specific travel plugins. While this can vary depending on your focus area, here are some good ideas:A good photo gallery plugin such as  NextGEN Gallery  to share your travel pictures in a galleryPlugins to help integrate with Instagram and FacebookSlider plugins such as  Nivo Slider  to display amazing full-width photosA lightbox plugin such as  Simple Lightbox  to allow readers to view your photos in a customizable lightboxA map plugin to plot places and routes is a must-have when you want to start a travel blog. It helps to keep your readers stay engaged with you as you move from one place to another. Intergeo Maps plugin is available for free  (and as a premium plugin).  Interactive World Maps plugin is another fine optionPlugins like TravelPayouts help you add a travel booking capability to your blog. It helps your visitors find deals on flights and hotels to different locations while you earn a commissionLearn how to install WordPress plugins.Step 6: Create and add contentOnce youve set up your travel blogs foundation, youre ready to start adding content. To write blog posts in WordPress, go to  Posts Add New in your WordPress dashboard.From there, you can use the  Add Media button to insert images and the text editor to write and format your content:Step 7: Build your blogs audienceThere are a few channels you can use to grow your blogs traffic .With millions of active users, social media can help your content reach the right audience.  Adding Social media share buttons makes it easy for readers to share your content. Instagram and Pinterest are suitable platforms to promote your blog, and should form part of your social media strategy.Beyond that, you should also learn about SEO and topics like keyword research.Building an email list is another great way to grow a long-term audience.Step 8: How to make money from your travel blogOnce your starts to get some traffic, here are some ways that you can make money from your blog:Affiliate marketing: You can have affiliates for almost everything accommodation, insurance, travel gear, web hosting. Every time someone clicks on a link resulting in the purchase of an affiliates product, you earn a (small) commission.Google Adsense: Google generates ads relevant to travel on your blog. When visitors click on the offered ads, you earn revenuePremium content: You can sell digital gu ides for the places that youve visited to save other travelers time.Add a donation button: Obviously, this can work only when youve built up a dedicated readershipOffer personalized advice: Offer travel related advice for payment of a fee, or offer personalized or guided tours of specific places, or curate travel plansSponsored posts: Travel related businesses may pay you to write about them on your blog. Just make sure to be transparent.Sponsored trips: Tourism boards, private companies or brands can ask you to visit their places and write about it.Workshops: Accept offers to conduct travel-related workshopsWrapping upThat wraps up our guide. If you made it this far, congratulations on creating your own travel blog!Have any other questions about how to start a travel blog? Leave a comment and well try to help out. Here's how to start a travel #blog with #WordPress: Step-by-step